For the water collection, Officine di Trevi offers electric pumps for pumping run-off yard water also contaminated (for example the first rain), the water is collected into dedicated tanks or wells and, after that, it’s pumped towards the treatment plant to be purified and, consequently, dumped.
Our ATEX or non-ATEX submersible pumps for waste and contaminated water or for clear one, according to any requirement, are extremely versatile and can manage large flows of water. They allow the aspiration of liquids or the emptying of swimming pools, ponds, cisterns and rainwater collection tanks. They are very useful for interventions following the flooding of cellars or basements too.
While the pumps for clear water are particularly suitable for use in swimming pools, ponds, bathing basins, tanks, cisterns and wells, the submerged pumps for dark water treat liquids with suspended particles.