The contamination of several sites and production areas, nowadays represents a problem of primary importance, both for being dangerous for the environment and for any economic damage. The remediation of contaminated soils, a matter in constant evolution, deals with the methods of treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater by the different substances. Officine di Trevi offers electric pumps suitable for pumping operations in the remediation processes for the decontamination of wasted liquids, and for making safe contaminated sites such as industrial activities, waste treatment and disposal plants and also services activities such as decommissioned fuel sale points and hydrocarbon deposits. OFT electric pumps guarantee both immediate interventions after events potentially capable of contaminating the site, limiting environmental damage, and an implementation of the prevention measures provided for by law.
With the Pump & Treat remediation technique, the contaminated water is intercepted by a system of suction wells, sent to an external treatment plant and then, usually, discharged into a superficial body or into a sewer network. The interventions can be in situ or ex situ. We offer both ATEX certified and non-certified solutions, based on the classification of the place. As for all the applications, we offer complete solutions with filter systems and cables suitable for permanent immersion in more or less contaminated liquids.