The electric pumps can be used for the purification of civil waste water lifting systems or water deriving from industrial processes. The purification of urban and industrial waste water is becoming increasingly important for the protection of waterways and the environment, but also for improving the quality of life.
To avoid the penetration of harmful substances into the aquifers, episodes of heavy rain must be managed safely and efficient drainage of waste water must be guaranteed at all times.
The rules on wastewater treatment are increasingly stringent and must always be observed to avoid contamination of water and the environment. In addition, surface water and waste water must be managed separately. Attention must also be focused on pollutants, heavy metals and trace elements, on chemical and pharmaceutical residues present in waste water.
An important element in wastewater treatment and purification systems is the submersible electric pump for drainage, equipped with an open cast iron impeller to eliminate the danger of clogging by mud or other bodies. We produce ATEX and non-ATEX certified models, as required, and others resistant to contaminated liquids up to 80 ° C.