Oil & Gas is an ever-changing industry that supplies significant quantities of energy worldwide. Despite the continuous discovery of new fields, the extraction, processing and everything about these raw materials are complicated actions and require constant development of technologies. Officine di Trevi offers submerged ATEX and non-submersible electric pumps, used in the interconnecting system of the pumping wells to collect the water, often also contaminated by hydrocarbons, emitted from the aquifers below the refineries and petrochemical industries, and send them to the groundwater treatment system. The system also includes the extraction of the supernatant product, possibly present in each well of the groundwater pumping system, and its sending to a temporary storage tank for subsequent processing in the refinery. The system also collects the groundwater emitted from the wells located along the perimeter of the refinery, thus forming a barrier that prevents the migration of contaminants, and therefore avoids their diffusion outside the perimeter of the refinery.
We offer complete solutions with accessories for filtering, level monitoring and cables suitable for permanent immersion in liquids also contaminated by hydrocarbons, with a high risk of explosion.