In recent decades, due to the reduction of conventional energy resources, the importance of renewable energy sources has increased, which also includes the biogas produced in landfills. A working landfill, if not managed properly, can cause significant impacts on the environment. The most important aspect of landfill management is the control of leachate and biogas, but not only. We can offer a wide range of OFT electric pumps, suitable for application in landfills and contaminated sites; both the production and the following application guarantee the protection of the environment, respecting and safeguarding it from any contamination.
Well and drainage pumps, for ATEX and non-ATEX classified areas, ideal for draining leachate from storage wells, bleeding interception wells and collecting biogas in the landfill body, dumping condensate and draining leachate.
In addition to the single electric pumps, we propose complete solutions with filtering systems to avoid the pump’s obstruction and electrical cables suitable for permanent immersion in clean and/or contaminated water.
Our master studies and, especially, the experience in this field of application have allowed us to develop All-in-One solutions for the optimal monitoring of the pumping systems, consisting of electric pumps combined with accessories for level monitoring, which data will be available in spreadsheets.
We always work on Eco-friendly solutions that ensure legal management of the sites.