The development of biogas plants for the production of electricity represents the need to find durable and structured energy sources, which allow energy to be generated in a complete Eco-friendly way, safeguarding not only the environment but also the staff of the plants and all those who come in contact with it.
For this reason, our ATEX certification but also the long experience and knowledge of the sector, are the factors that have supported the design of submersible electric pumps, suitable for application in environments with high risk of explosion, for the drainage of condensate from digestion plants for the production of biogas, relaunching of the same from pipes in the connections between anaerobic and captation plants, use in cooling systems for tanks and external silos.
The role of the electric pumps is not limited to their primary function, but is part of a more complex mechanism in the absence of which the biogas plant would not function properly.
The pumps can be equipped with accessories to cover various needs and electrical cables suitable for permanent immersion in more or less charged liquids.