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Submersible motors filled with non-toxic and dielectric coolant fluid suitable for coupling to 4" hydraulic parts for deep wells in compliance with NEMA standards.
. External case and shaft in stainless steel.
. Brass upper support.
. Compensating diaphragm in special rubber.
. Graphite - alumina mechanical seal.
. Motor shaft extension and coupling dimensions according to NEMA standards.
. 2 poles asynchronous motor.
. Class F insulation.
. Single-phase feeding 230 V up to 2,2 kW with protection at user’s care, capacitor permanently incorporated in the pump.
. Three-phase feeding 400 V up to 4 kW with protection at user’s care.
. Different voltages and frequencies are available on request.
Working Conditions
. Maximum water temperature that laps on the motor: 40 °C if velocity of liquid is 0,4 m/sec.
. Max number of starts per hour: 20.