Reserved area
Raising of water from deep wells and tanks, civil and industrial water raising systems, rain and running irrigation.
. Multistage centrifugal electric submersible pumps for 3” wells.
. External case, pump shaft, coupling, cable shield, suction screen and all screws are in stainless steel.
. Delivery port and suction port in brass.
. Impellers and diffusers in special technolopymer.
. The check valve is installed inside the delivery head.
. Motor coupling meets NEMA standards.
. 2 poles asynchronous motor, 50 Hz, 2850 rpm.
. Class F insulation
. IP58 protection.
. Working voltage: single-phase 230 V, three-phase 400 V.
. The electric motor is cooled by non-toxic, non-polluting liquid.
Working Conditions
. Pumped liquid: clean water, non aggressive, without solid particles.
. The pump can not operate in dry conditions.
. Pump body always completely submerged.
. Temperature of pumped liquid: min 5°C - max 30°C.
. Vertical operating position.
. Max immersion depth: 60 m
. Max number of starts per hour: 20.