Reserved area
Pumping of dirty water, recycled and hot sludges, raw and rotten sludges, stirred sludges, mixed water also with solids and filaments, for waste water and purification system.
. Vortex impeller that offers reliability against clogging, features wide through sections and a good resistance to wear, low mechanical action on the fluid, high hydraulic efficiency.
. Leone V80: free passage 80 mm.
. Leone V100: free passage 90 mm.
. It is possible the submersible fixed installation with the automatic coupling foot or the mobile installation with base support on request.
. Vortex impeller, cable entry nut, flange intermediate, pump body, motor casing and cover for motor casing, flange lower mechanical seal and flange upper mechanical seal in cast iron (GG 25).
. Rotor and motor shaft in AISI 420.
. Shaft sealing by two mechanical seals mounted in series in non-toxic oil chamber. Seal types applied to the motor side in ceramic/graphite and seal types applied to the wet end side in silicon carbide.
. The pump is equipped with 10 m of electric cable.
. 4 poles asynchronous motor, 50 Hz, 1450 rpm.
. Class F insulation.
. IP68 protection.
. Working voltage: three-phase 400 V.
. The electric motor is cooled by non-toxic and non-polluting liquid.
Working Conditions
. Max temperature of pumped liquid: 40°C.
. Max immersion depth: 20 m.
. PH of pumped liquid: 6 ÷ 10.
. Max density of pumped liquid: 1,1 Kg/dm³.