Reserved area
Municipal, industrial and agricultural pressure boosting, water treatment, washing plants, reverse osmosis, leakage, lifting equipment.
. Compact in-line multistage vertical electric pumps; they are reliable, quiet and easy to maintain.
. Pump body, external pump case, casing cover, impellers, diffusers, pump shaft, coupling guard and bolts in AISI 304 stainless steel.
. Motor support bracket and base in cast iron, not in contact with pumped liquid.
. Technologically advanced multipurpose pumps capable of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users, with models featuring from 15 to 45 m³/h nominal capacities.

On request pump realized in AISI 316 stainless steel.
. 2 poles asynchronous motor, 50 Hz.
. Class F insulation.
. IP55 protection.
. Working voltage: single-phase 230 V, three-phase 400 V.
. Employable with every type of motor, of our choice or of choice of customers, normalized in B14 constructive form up to 4 Kw, B5 from 5,5 Kw, adapted for vertical position.
Working Conditions
. Pumped liquid: clean water, non aggressive, without solid particles.
. The pump can not operate in dry conditions.
. Temperature of pumped liquid: min -15°C - max +120°C.