Reserved area
Water supply to fixed and automatic fire fighting systems such as automatic sprinkler systems in conformity with UNI EN 12845 rules or with hydrant systems in conformity with UNI 10779 rules.
In accordance with the different planning needs, the fire fighting systems can be composed by pumps connected to electric motors or to diesel motors. The jockey pump works only to keep the constant pressure in the system in case of small water leaks. The delivery and the head of the jockey pump can not be considered in the total calculation of the systems supply. The main pump is controlled by an electric panel and the pump is automatically started by its pressure switch. The main pump keeps on working till the manual stop (UNI EN 12854 The jockey pump stops automatically when the pressure is restored. The fire fighting systems are built according to:
. UNI EN 12845 - fixed fire fighting systems - automatic sprinkler systems;
. UNI 10779 - fire fighting equipment - hydrant systems;
. UNI EN 9906 Encl. A - Hydraulic performance acceptance tests;
. 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive;
. 2006/95/CE Low Voltage Directive.
Working Conditions
. Pump sets shall be housed in a closed and protected compartment (UNI EN 12845 - 10.3) which shall be sprinkler protected (UNI EN 12845 - 10.3.2) and adequately protected against freezing and secured against tampering (UNI EN 12845 - 8.4).
. Ambient temperature for electric pumps from 4°C to 40°C, max elevation 1.000 m ASL, max humidity 50% at +40°C.
. Temperature of pumped water max 40°C for external pumps and max 25°C for submersible pumps.
. The water shall be free from fibrous or other matter in suspension liable to cause accumulation in the piping system (UNI EN 12845 - 8.1.2).
. Water pressure shall not exceed 12 bar (except in high systems) (UNI EN 12845 - 8.2.1).