Reserved area
Pressurization in domestic and civil systems, rain or drop by drop irrigation of lawns and gardens, fountains and water displays.
. New pressurization system composed of 2 monobloc electric pumps Onda, assembled in a ready unit.
. The electric motor of each pump is cooled externally by pumped liquid.
. Suction manifold with ball valves and delivery manifold with non return valves.
. One pressure switch for each electric pump, installed on the delivery manifold.
. The switchboard has a thermomagnetic switch, a power relay and an automatic exchangeable to control the alternating working of the pumps.
. 2 poles asynchronous motor, 50 Hz, 2850 rpm.
. Class F insulation.
. IP68 protection.
. Working voltage: single-phase 230 V, three-phase 400 V.
. The electric motor is cooled by non-toxic, non-polluting liquid.
Working Conditions
. Pumped liquid: clean water, non aggressive, without solid particles.
. The pumps can not operate in dry conditions.
. Temperature of pumped liquid: min 5°C - max 30°C.
. Vertical operating position.
. Water feed pressure: min 0,2 – max 3 bar.
. It is essential to connect the system at least to 2 minimum 24 l pressure tanks.
. Maximum number of starts per hour: 20.
. For the consuption at point of demand see Table nr. 2 “Outlet and consumption of the automatic pressure plants” at page 120 of the Complete catalogue.