Reserved area
Municipal, industrial and agricultural pressure boosting, water treatment, washing systems and raising systems.
. Pressurisation system composed of 2 multistage electric pumps Diva, assembled in a ready unit.
. Suction manifold with ball valves and delivery manifold with non return valves.
. One pressure switch for each electric pump, connected to the delivery manifold and to the electric panel.
. The switchboard has a thermomagnetic switch, a power relay and an automatic exchanger to control the alternating working of the pumps.
. 2 poles asynchronous motor, 50 Hz, 2850 rpm.
. Class F insulation.
. IP44 protection.
. Working voltage: single-phase 230 V, three-phase 400 V.
. External ventilation.
Working Conditions
. Pumped liquid: clean water, non aggressive, without solid particles.
. The pumps can not operate in dry conditions.
. Temperature of pumped liquid: min 5°C - max 30°C.
. Vertical operating position.
. Water feed pressure: min 0,2 – max 3 bar.
. It is essential to connect the system at least to 2 minimum 24 l pressure tanks.
. Maximum number of starts per hour: 20.
. For the consuption at point of demand see Table nr. 2, “Outlet and consumption of the automatic pressure plants” on page 120 of the Complete catalogue.
The picture is simply demonstrative. The pressure plants are also composed of horizontal electric pumps.